K. A.” is the dis-honorable figure that is extremely active in American politics. His gods are power and gold...

I’ll be your hero, I will be your friend,
if you have means and don’t offend.
When the threat level rises to the sky,
like Super-man I will fly.
Iraq will never rhyme with Vietnam.
I’m Kaptain Amerikan.

I saved the wildlands from the Indians.
A continent borrowed and spent.
I shot the wooly bison from the train.
I led the “Seventh” to fame.
Don’t worry ‘bout Iran. I have a plan.
I’m Kaptain Amerikan.

Total Korporate freedom is Korporatocracy.
I’ll stage a koup if you don’t agree.
But should I ever surrender to the light,
I could reign in the Reich.
So tell me who I am. Take command of
Kaptain Amerikan.

An honest Uncle Sam,
now that’s a plan for
Kaptain Amerikan. (Re-hab)
Kaptain Amerikan!

* Any resemblance to the honorable superhero Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby @ Marvel Characters, Inc. is totally WRONG. I love Captain America - Heʼs my Hero!

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