This was written to accent the point that the land we call Glacier National Park has a story to tell. In learning stories from our indigenous peoples, we may discover a relationship whose roots extend back many thousands of years.

Grandmother’s stories ignited the spark
Now warming the heart of a man
Fantastic odysseys, requested dreams,
We’re part of our first human clans

Elders have summoned the auras of old
Remembered and treasured through time
Don’t be surprised.
This land comes alive
And Legends of Glacier survive.

Gray Wolf and Beaver Chief caretake the land
The heart is the Sun’s beating drum.
Owl eyes and eagle wings perfect the view
Where spirit and matter are one.

Permit your wings to transcend the things
Consuming and cluttering life
You’re one on one with Creator Sun
And Legends of Glacier survive.

Ahh – Listen deep to the voice
That calls from our home long ago
We’re on the knife edge of time
We feel, but never quite know.

(Musical Interlude)

The youngest of all of her children are us.
The ones still learning respect
The soul awakens, the heart is revived
And Legends of Glacier Survive.
Keep Legends of Glacier alive.

Legends of Glacier

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