• C.M. Russell: Heritage and Legacy - Recipient of the 2015 Montana Arts Council Innovation Award - Jack’s newest program explores the role C.M. Russell played in the portrayal of Western America during the early 20th century.

  • Buckskin 'PoetSongs' Concert - The most diverse option; Jack entertains his audience drawing from over a quarter century as an award-winning performing/recording artist.

  • Buffalo Cafe: Cultural Change on the Northern Plains - Gladstone traces the cultural odyssey of his people and details the upheavals wrought by Euro-American economic, political, and military expansion.

  • Blackfeet Animal Persons: Native Perspectives of Nature - From a panorama of personification, Jack shares the traditional Blackfeet perspective of kinship and connection with our Cosmos.

  • Native Story in Song - Myth, legend, lyric poetry, and music confluence into one.

  • 'Warrior Song' - This option salutes our veterans. Jack illustrates, through story and song, American Indian military contributions distinguished by honor and sacrifice.

  • Jim Thorpe: American Sunlight and Shadow - An original musical narrative honoring the enduring spirit of Native America reborn in the athletic accomplishments of her sons and daughters. Emblematic of this spirit were the gold medals earned by Sac and Fox decathlete, Jim Thorpe, at the 1912 Summer Olympics.

  • Concert with Rob Quist - “Montana’s Musical Ambassador” – Jack and Rob showcase their multi-cultural Indian and Cowboy perspectives to reprise both the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the rich cultural heritage of the Big Sky.
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