These mysterious linguistic “matadors of metaphor” were born usually to White fur trader fathers and Indian mothers on the Upper Missouri Region in the 1840s, 50s and 60s. By the age of 9, many of these mixed blood children, through association at their respective fur trading post homes, could converse fluently in 3 – 5 languages and understood the best and the worst that both Indian and White worlds had to offer. In the mid- to late 1800s, this generation of “Interpreter” was often the critical link preventing “all hell from breaking loose” on the Western frontier. Two of my great grandfathers, Jack Wagner and Billy Gladstone were among this select group of people.

Blackened sky, the moon is new, storm clouds tumble out ahead
Darkness spawns suspicion that the dawn might resurrect the dead
The call within won’t be ignored if conscience is servant to a cure
Hell blooms by full moon if you defer.

Cross Blood, Half Breed, Mixed Blood Son, your trail has been turbulent for sure
You comprehend the Child of Peace, depends on the phrasing of your words
Your eyes inquisitive, your voice direct, your motives unquestionably pure
You’re the High Plains Matador of Metaphor
You’re The Interpreter.

American conquistadors are knocking at the gate
John Wayne-like festivities with profit-laced expectations

Soldiers' volleys through sleeping camps, loom if negotiations fail
Or sometimes even if they succeed for there’s liars for hire on this trail
A saber-toothed pendulum swings between the sinister and moral sides of man
If you can’t succeed, nobody can...
You’re the Interpreter.

In a barroom brawl, he’ll knock you out, then buy you a drink when you come to.
He’s learned well we must forgive to live, and we’ll receive from others as we do.
Without him, all hell breaks loose, so keep track if pressure cracks occur
Call the genuine Matador of Metaphor
Call the Interpreter

He’s the High Plains Matador of Metaphor...

He's the Interpreter
Call in the Interpreter
Rock on with the Interpreter
Sober up the Interpreter
Sing out the Interpreter
Call in the Interpreter

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