©1987 Jack W. Gladstone

Based on a Blackfeet myth of a girl who was taken by the Sun to be his bride. I assume the position, in this song, to be the unlucky chap who falls in love first with the girl.

The sun had shown on the prairie since time had begun
And gave her mother the earth, for the rivers to run.
And he wanted the girl, for his bride to be,
And a halo descended and rested on thee,
Reserved by the Sun.

She came upon me when I was a young twenty-one
A fresh and beautiful clear blue sky maiden she was
And we wove through the stars, and the braids became ours,
And the strands of our weaving almost were one,
If not for the Sun.

The time we glided as lovers our souls couldn’t feel,
Our revival was purely the whim of appeal.
But the earth called to me and the Sun called to thee
And the braids that we wove soon tore undone,
She Married the Sun.

Now I’m alone on the prairie glaring above,
For if an eagle, I’d battle the Sun for her love.
But mortal I am, and she is with him
Will I ever forget my lost beautiful one?
She Married the Sun.
She Married the Sun.

She Married the Sun.

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