The day was young, the sky full of Sun
Crystal rivers shivered in the Earth’s backbone
When Old Man heard the comforting words
Of the Wolves singin’ high, dancin’ low

Songs were sung, Dance was spun
Steps aligned in rhythm given path to grow
In humble phase, Old Man was amazed
By the Wolves singin’ high, dancing low

There before his eyes he saw a portion of the ice did thaw
and lo behold there sprang a buffalo
Upon this occasion a portion of creation was released in pairs into the world below
Through the blessings of the Wolves of Ice and Snow

Old Man asked that both Song and Dance
Be swiftly given, as a gift, from Wolf to him
In trust he received, then left to retrieve
For himself more pleasure in the wind

Up and down the “Backbone” Napi hunted for adventure,
soon to find a sparkling river frozen in the Sun
Upon ice forbidden by an Elders admonition
His gift became unraveled, a promise was undone

Humble happenstance delivered the Dance
Before “self righteous” ego triggered trust to decay
Their crystalline river remains clearly to see...
As the trail – some call the Milky Way

As you’re looking through the jaws of heaven to the stars above
Consider – the limits of the known
Whenever despair comes the cycle of the Earth and Sun in certain time transitions dusk to glow,
Through the blessings of the Wolves of Ice and Snow

Interwoven with the Wolves of Ice and Snow

The day’s still young, the sky full of Sun.

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